The chicken baked with buckwheat

The chicken baked with buckwheat

Grain becomes impregnated with meat juice, buckwheat cereal of divine taste, especially in combination with khmeli suneli turns out, and the cheese crust as foil, keeps all useful and nutritive matters in product.

- chicken of the average sizes
- 2 glasses of buckwheat
- cheese
- sour cream
- onions
- garlic
- seasoning of khmeli suneli
- salt
- rast. oil of 1 St of l

We stack two glasses of carefully washed out grain on the oiled baking tray. From above to strew small cut by bulb and three garlic gloves.

The following layer – the chicken cut by slices.

To strew meat with 1 teaspoon of seasoning of khmeli suneli.

To miss the mark chicken with sour cream, to pour 1-1,5 glasses of hot salty water.

Previously to grate cheese of firm grades on large grater.

To strew with grated cheese chicken.

to put baking tray in oven for one hour.

If the golden crust from above was formed – it is time to get dish from oven.


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