Sunday pie from bulk dough

Sunday pie from bulk dough (a la pizza :))

The recipe from the subscriber!

Ingredients and preparation:

Today day off, children have ordered pizza... On yeast dough time is not present therefore it is necessary to compose something fast and tasty. Having found yesterday's kefir in the refrigerator, has remembered one very simple and tasty retseptik... Frankly speaking, it is sure that I will not peddle old stuff, most likely the recipe everything it is known long ago... Who is familiar with it, I will remind those who I am not familiar-recommend to try, I assure - the result will please you

So, for dough we mix 2 glasses of kefir (it is also possible to use sour cream instead of kefir), 2 eggs, 2 ch.lozhka of sugar, 1 ch.lozhka of salt, 1/2 ch.lozhka of soda (to extinguish), 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 2,5 - 3 glasses of flour... Dough has to turn out on consistence, as on fritters

On the oiled baking tray!!!! (I do not advise to use paper for pastries, from paper it will be problematic pizza to remove then)) we pour out our dough, from above we spread stuffing. It will roll a little in the test... To stuffing it is possible to make according to dough couple of zigzags of tomato sauce or adjika (to smear in our case dough will not turn out as the consistence of dough will not allow))) this time with tomato sauce it has not developed so has done without it :)

As stuffing all as always - everyone chooses on the taste that its refrigerator allows...

I had ham, mushrooms, tomatoes... Has this time decided to slice and keep tomatoes in mix from 1 tablespoon of olive oil and chesnochka... (by the way, now often I will do so - very much it was pleasant to boys))
Slightly powdered oregano, from above filled up with half of polished cheese
Has put in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 25 minutes then has taken out from oven, filled up with the remained cheese and has returned to oven for about 10 minutes till ruddy color...
It very quickly, is very simple and at everything thus is very tasty)) Pleasant to all!

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