Pancakes pies

Pancakes pies

It is required to you:
- 2 eggs,
- 500 ml. amasi (or kefir+moloko),
- 200 gr. cottage cheese of any fat content,
- 1 tsps of soda,
- 12 Art. of l of flour with hill-300 gr.,
- salt, sugar.
- I have added vegetable oil to dough approximately 100ml.


Cottage cheese is shaken up with eggs, we add half of kefiric mix.
We add salt, sugar (if pies are with unsweetened stuffing that salt slightly more and vice versa) and we pour flour. We add soda to the remained milk, properly we mix. Also we connect to curds. Properly we shake up everything. Weight turns out consistences of dense sour cream.

Further we prepare stuffing to taste. The stuffing can be any: mushrooms, liver, cabbage, jam, cottage cheese, chicken, everything has to be ready.
On well warmed frying pan we pour portion of dough, we reduce fire and we cover. As soon as it is noticeable that the bottom of pancake fries - we put stuffing (closer to the center) accurately, helping rake we put pancake in half.

Dough obedient is also easily displaced. We cover frying pan for 1 minute, further we overturn pancake and again we cover, by the same principle I have made pies pancakes with sweet stuffing.



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