American pankeyka

American pankeyka

Pankeyki is the American pancakes. Train them on milk and fry on dry frying pan. They turn out magnificent and gentle, it is very tasty breakfast! Eat usually with syrup, peanut butter, jam.


- 140 g of flour
- 200 ml of milk
- 1 egg
- 1 ch.l baking powder
- 1/6 ch.l soda (on knife tip)
- 40 g of sliv.masl
- sugar depends on your preferences, I have taken 30 g
- salt pinch


For a start we will mix flour, sugar, baking powder, soda and salt. To shake up egg, about 3 minutes that foam has turned out. To add milk and to mix. To add mix to dry ingredients and accurately to mix. Oil to kindle and pour in dough, to mix.

To pour out small portions of dough on frying pan. (if pancakes do not stick, it is not necessary to oil if stick, slightly to oil.) The furnace everyone pankeyk approximately for 2-3 minutes from each party.

Bon appetit!



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