Mushroom julienne

Mushroom julienne


500 g of cepes or champignons
2 bulbs
200 g are swept away
300 g of cheese of firm grades
1 garlic glove
4 tablespoons of desi
1 tablespoons of flour
Svezhemoloty black pepper


1. Mushrooms to clear and cut largely. To warm in frying pan of 2 tablespoons of desi and to fry mushrooms within 5 minutes on average fire. To salt. To keep the formed liquid.

2. Onions to clear, cut small. To add onions to frying pan with mushrooms, there to add 2 tablespoons of desi. To fry 5 minutes.

3. To pour flour into sour cream and carefully to stir. Gradually to pour in the liquid formed when roasting mushrooms to salt and pepper.

4. To pour in the turned-out sauce in the fried mushrooms. 5 minutes to extinguish on weak fire, stirring slowly.

5. To grate cheese on small grater.

6. To rub Formochki for julienne (cocotte) with garlic glove.

7. To lay out mushrooms with sauce in cocottes, to strew with cheese and to bake with the oven of 7-8 minutes warmed to 200 °C before emergence of crust.



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