Chocolate pie Taste of the childhood

Chocolate pie Taste of the childhood


- Eggs - 2 pieces
- Honey - 2 tbsps.
- Sugar - 1 glass
- Soda - 2 tsps.
- Slivchny oil - 2 tbsps.
- Cocoa - 2-3 tbsps.
- Flour (about 2 glasses + for raskatyvaniye)
- Milk - 2 glasses
- Eggs - 2 pieces
- Flour - 2 tbsps.
- Sugar - 1 glass
- Cocoa - 1 tbsp.
- Vanillin - 1 tsp.
- Desi - 100 g
- Walnuts - 150 g
- Bitter chocolate - 150 g
- Desi - 3 tbsps.
- Milk - 4 tbsps.


For dough to mix eggs, honey, sugar, soda and desi. To put bowl on water bath and 5 minutes to stir slowly before dissolution of all products. To add cocoa and to shake up to homogeneous state. To enter flour gradually, then to lay out dough on the table strewed with flour and properly to razmesit. To divide dough into some parts (at me 8). To roll each part and to bake separately within about 4 minutes at temperature of 180 degrees. To pile the received cake layers and to put aside.

For cream to shake up: milk, eggs, flour and sugar. to put on average fire and to cook, constantly stirring slowly. When starts beginning to boil, to lower fire to minimum and intensively to stir to condensed milk consistence. After that cream from fire to remove and add vanillin and cocoa. To leave to cool down, sometimes stirring slowly. To add the softened desi to the cooled-down cream and to shake up to homogeneous state. Walnuts to chop and put aside.
To smear cake layer with cream (about 3 tablespoons on cake layer). to strew over vrem with walnuts, to put the following cake layer, having properly pressed, and so on. Thus the upper cake layer should not be smeared with cream. To leave pie to become impregnated at the room temperature about an hour.

For glaze to kindle chocolate on water bath together with oil and milk. To pour out glaze on pie and to cover it from all directions. To send pie for the night to the refrigerator.



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