False ikorka

False ikorka

It is the most tasty namazyvalka from all which I tried. Very much tastes like red caviar, always goes with a bang! Mother has brought the recipe from guests many years ago, and now this pashtetik at us is very frequent!


- Herring — 1 piece
- Desi — 150 g
- Processed cheese — 2 pieces
- Carrots (small) — 3 pieces


To clean herring from entrails, skin and bones. To boil carrots to readiness.

To overwind herring, carrots, oil, curd cakes via the meat grinder and to stir. Namazyvalka is ready. To be stored in the refrigerator till 5 days (I do not know precisely, did not stand never so much).
It is possible to smear on bread, long loaf, on slices of boiled or baked potatoes, to stuff eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes. Bon appetit!
Several times made experiment, allowed to bite off slice of sandwich and asked to tell with what it, all unanimously spoke, of course with red caviar!! So cheap but good, and it is tasty.... Try!!!


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