Man's Ideal salad

Man's Ideal salad


400 g of pork (cutting or pulp);
300 g of ham (it is possible ham sausage);
400 g of champignons;
1-2 bulbs;
800 g of potatoes;
black sprinkling pepper;
7 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
sunflower oil;
fresh cucumber;


To fry the cut champignons with onions on sunflower oil. It is obligatory to discard on colander that excess oil has flown down. To cut pork thin pieces, to beat off, salt, strew with pepper, to roast. When meat cools down, to cut it straws. To cut straws ham. Potatoes to clean, cut straws, to fry. To mix mushrooms, meat, ham, to dress with mayonnaise. To lay out hill on dish. Around to put potatoes. To decorate with slices of fresh cucumber, parsley. Bon appetit!

Council. Can seem according to the recipe that salad zhirnovaty, I too so thought but if to give to oil well to flow down with champignons on colander, and not to fill in meat strongly with oil when frying, it will turn out perfectly. I think, with boiled meat too it will be quite good. By the way, it is not obligatory to lay over salad fried potatoes, I did and without it – is excellent.



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