Caesar salad with shrimps

Caesar salad with shrimps


- 1/2 bunches of Iceberg salad
- 1/2 bunches of Romaine salad
- 500-600 gr shrimps
- 200-300 gr Cherry tomatoes
- 100 gr Parmesan cheese
- 1/2 White bread
- 3 garlic gloves
- 70 gr olive oil
- sauce Caesar


Shrimps it is possible to weld or fry.
For frying to clear shrimps, having left tails.
To fry on creamy or olive oil of 5 minutes.

For cooking: shrimps to fill up in the boiling, added some salt water, to cook 5 minutes.
To cast away on colander, to clear as will cool down.

Preparation of croutons:

We cut garlic.

We delete crusts from white loaf and we cut them on slices.
In the warmed frying pan we pour olive oil.

We spread garlic and we fry. Then we get garlic from frying pan.

In frying pan we spread bread, we fry it on weak fire.

We tear lettuce leaves hands.

We spread on lettuce leaves croutons and shrimps.
We cut Cherry tomatoes in half and we spread on dish.

We will grate Parmesan cheese on small grater, we strew with it salad.

From above to sauce.

Your Caesar salad with shrimps is ready.


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