Pots with chocolate and mint pudding

Pots with chocolate and mint pudding


Cream cheese of room temperature — 350 g (Philadelphia or mascarpone)
Icing sugar — 3 tablespoons.
Cream of 35% — 1 St.
Chocolate paste (I used ganash) — 0,5 St.
Mint extract — ? h. l.
Chocolate cookies — 400 g
Mint — 8 branches for ornament

For mint extract:

Mint leaves — ? cups
Vodka — 100 g
Water — 100 g

For ganash:

Dark chocolate — 150 g
Cream of 35% — 250 ml


1. Shake up the mixer cream cheese with icing sugar to uniformity.
2. Reduce speed to minimum, add cream and mix. Increase speed to maximum and shake up the weight of 2 minutes. At the end add chocolate paste and mint extract, mix to uniformity.
3. For ganash will boil cream, kindle in them chocolate, mix to uniformity. Let's cool down. I usually put ganash for the night in the refrigerator, fine chocolate paste turns out in the morning. But it is possible in the conditions of saving of time of it and not to do, simply to cool and for 10 minutes to send to the refrigerator. Everything will perfectly thicken. I have already ready mint extract at whom is not present, it is possible to use the recipe on the future (since it is drawn long).
4. Cut mint leaves.
5. Put everything in jar, add vodka and water.
6. Several times stir up jar and insist within 3 weeks, from time to time again stirring up it.
7. Before use filter extract.
8. Crush chocolate cookies in the blender.
9. In glasses we spread our chocolate and creamy pudding, from above we strew 1 tablespoon of ground cookies. We put in our pots of branch of mint and we give!

The pudding can be prepared since evening, to lay out in glasses and to leave for night in the refrigerator, so it will be even more tasty. And to do all other manipulations in the morning.

Bon appetit!


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